The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

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Volume 12, Issue 4, June 2021


#1 Hon. Patricia Cornell  19th Judicial District Lake County

Garnishing Social Security for Child Support Arrearages 04 D 1943

     (W) –  Enrico J. Mirabelli, Jonathan D. Steele  (H) – Pro se

#2 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt  DuPage County

    Motion for Directed Finding on Wife’s Retirement Benefits 15 D 1519

      (W) –   Eva W. Tameling   (H) –  Gwendolyn J. Sterk

#3 Hon. Patrick J. Powers Cook County

     Mother’s Staying in Egypt Did Not Deprive Her of Custody 21 D 000490

     (M) – Gail M. O’Connor, Katie Wishnew   (F) – Ian Elliot, Evelyn M. Hernandez


#4 Hon. Mary S. Trew  Cook County

Motion to Reconsider Dismissed for Lack of Jurisdiction 16 D 30070

(H) –  Paul L. Feinstein   (W) – Rachel A. Boehm

#5 Hon. Gregory Ahern, Jr.   Cook County

     Modification of Support Denied  13 D 1475

    (M) – Nicholaus J. Dilly   (F)  – Brian J. Hurst, Olga Stambler


#6 Hon. Marita C. Sullivan  Cook County

     Parental Discretion Allowed 12 D 2236

    (M) – Mary Katherine Avery (F) – Michael Weiman


#7 Hon. Beth W. Jantz  US District Court, Northern District, Eastern Division

     Child Returned to New Zealand  20 C 6681

    (F) –    Erin M. Masters, Anthony G. Joseph   (M) – Reuben A. Bernick, Robert K. Downs


#8 Hon. David E. Haracz  Cook County

     Modification Denied   16 D 8561

    (W) –    Amy K. Anderson, Matthew A. Kirsh    (H) – Grace M. Rohan

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